Can't Wait to Automate with a Controllino Arduino Based PLC

Posted by Thomas Swenton on

Finally a Programmable Logic Controller with an open source programming environment. in the past users were required to pick a PLC brand, purchase expensive proprietary software. This software was typically difficult to learn and was not compatible with different PLC brands. By using open source products like Arduino these problems are alleviated. Any number of programming software packages are available to download at little or no cost. There is an community actively adding to this list.  

Arduino boards have been used for control in the past but they were not designed for industrial use and were not packaged well for industrial purposes. Controllino has solved these problems by designing an Arduino based PLC in a familiar industrial package. The Controllino packages come in a standard housing with terminal strips to connect input and output devices. The I/O are flexible including digital and analog inputs along with transistor and relay outputs. Communication options include ethernet, serial and USB connections. Many units include real time clocks, PWM outputs as well as analog outputs. Relay outputs are available for 16 amps at 240 VAC if required. 

Don't be stuck in a rut with a proprietary PLC and language. Break out to a more flexible and powerful product with a Controllino Arduino based PLC! 

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